Veeam for M365 v7

Veeam for M365 v7

Veeam for M365 v7

New features implemented

Veeam for M365 v7 gives you the possibility to manage your data in M365. You can backup and recovery Exchange, Sharepoint, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams. This version of Veeam for Microsoft 365 offers a number of new features

Integration with Veeam ONE v12

A new integration with Veeam ONE v12 is inmplemented in this version. It’s now possible to have visibility and control of the Veeam for M365 in veeam ONE. More than 10 alarms are present for proactively react. The ne dashboard permit to monitor M365 backups health and performance. The public REST API’s offer the integration with third-party solutions.

Integration with VSPC

Veeam Backup for M365 can have an integration with Veeam Service Provider Console (VSPC). This feature improves the BAAS scenario (backup management, monitoring, etc.).This integration is based on the public REST APIs, you can also use third-party solutions.

Immutable backup copies

This feature is interesting for protect backup chain to the ransomware attack or accidental deletion. The Immutability is available for any object storage.Immutability is available for any object storage that features blobs versioning and Object Lock. If immutable repository is used, the backup chain is locked immediately. This lock is enable as long as the time defined in the retention policy is not over. The backup chain can be copied on the S3 compatible systems, in Azure blob hot or cold, etc.

Self-service Restore Portal

Several improvements are brought by Veeam for M365 v7 :

  • Point-in-time selection : End users and restore operators can restore the data to a specific point in time
  • Support for Microsoft Teams : Restore operator can recover Microsoft Teams objects (single post, file or the entire team).
  • Sharepoint and Onedrive folders restore : The recovery options is extended, the end-users and restore operator can recover an entire folder and all it’s content. The selection of the file version can now be made

Install Veeam for M365 v7

Mount the Veeam for M365 ISO file and run Veeam.Setup file to launch setup wizard.

Run Veeam Setup file

Setup wizard launched, click on Install for start the installation.

Veeam for M365 v7 setup wizard launched.

Some features are available (Veeam for M365, console, Powershell or Rest API). Click on Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365.

Select Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 install

Accept the License Agreement and wait few minutes during the System Configuration Check. My server does not meet the minimum system requirements but it’s for my lab so it’s OK. Backup, restore and search performance might be slow.

System configuration check for Veeam

Select the Data Location or leave the defaut path and click on Install.

Choose the data location

Install is in progress…. Click on Finish to close the wizard.

Install of Microsoft 365 is now finished

Install licence

From the Veeam console, open the menu and click on License. By default and if license is not imported, the dommunity edition is used. This version offer a backup and restore feature for a few M365 resources.

Click on Menu then click on License

Click on Install then select the license.

Install license

Add M365 organization

From the Veeam console, open Organizations tab then click on Add Org.

Add orgnization

A wizard appear, click on Next. You can uncheck one or more services that you don’t want protect (Exchange Online, Sharepoint or Teams).

Select the services that you want protect

Select the Default region except for germany, China and US govemment. The Modern authentification is chek, this authentifiction method is recommended. Click on Next to validate the configuration.

Select Modern authentification for veeam

you can create a new application in Azure AD or use an existing. If you don’t have Azure AD application for Veeam, leave the default choice and click on Next.

register a new azue ad application

Enter the desired name and click on Install. If you have customized content of Sharepoint site, check the option to allow export mode for Sharepoint Web Parts.

Enter the name and click on Install

A new self-signed certificate can be generated or you can use pfx file (generated by your Certification authotities for example). ILet the default choice to generate self-signed certificate.

Generate new self-signed certificate

The thumbprint of the certificate appear in the windows, click on Next.

certificate is now generated

Copy the code and click on the link for log in to Microsoft 365. Click on Next when authentification is ok.

authentificate to Microsoft 365

If there is no error and connection has been performed, click on Finish.

connection is now performed

Configure storage for Veeam

Before configuring Veeam Repositories, Azure blob mut be created. After that veeam repositories and object storage can be configured from the veeam console.

Create immutable Azure blob storage

from the Azure portal, click on Storage accounts for create immuable storage on Azure then click on Create.

Create immutable azure blob

Select the desired resource group and enter the Storage account name Select the Azure Region then click on Next.

Configure Basics information of the azure storage account

In the Data protection tab, check Enable version-level immutability support option. Click on Review then on Create.

Check immutability support option

From the storage account, click on Containers then on + Container for add new continer.

Add new container

Enter the name then click on Create.

Create Azure blob storage

I create a second Azure blob storage. This storage is used for store backup chain. The immutable Azure blob storage is used for the backup copy job. from the Azure portal, click on Storage accounts for create immuable storage on Azure then click on Create. Select the desired resource group and enter the Storage account name Select the Azure Region then click on Next.

Create new blob storage

In the Data protection tab, I don’t check Enable version-level immutability support option. Click on Review then on Create.

The repository is not immutable

Configure backup repositories

From the Veeeam console, open Backup infrastructure then select Backup repositories. In the ribbon, click on Add Repository.

Add new repositories

Enter the desired name then click on Next.

Add new repositories

Check Backup to object storage option then click on Next.

Check backup to object storage

Enter the path and the name of the reposiory and click on Next.

Enter local cache path repository

Click on Add to add new storage backup repository.

add new storage backup repository

Check the object storage type Microsoft Azure Blob Storage then click on Next.

Check Microsoft Blob Storage

From the Azure portal, copy Account and Shared key then paste on the veeam wizard.

Enter account and sharedkey

Azure storage account is now been configured, click on Next.

Azure storage account is now been configured

Select the container previously created into Azure portal then with the Browse button create a folder or use a previously created folder. Check option pour make backup immutable. Click on Next then on Finish.

Configure immutable container

Check Encrypt data uploaded to object storage and select the password (or create a new one).

Configure encryption

Configure the retention policy and click on Finish

Configure retention policy

The repository is now been created. Repeat the same operation for the non immutable Azure blob.

Repository is now been created.

Create backup job

We can now create a new backup job. From the Veeam console, click on M365 Tenant then on Backup.

Create veeam backup job

Enter the name of the job then click on Next.

Enter the name of the backup jobs

Select all objects that you want backup or Back up entire organization if you want select all object (user, teams, sharepoint, etc.).

Select object that you want back up

Only the non Immutable repository appear. Select the Azure repository then click on Next.

select the repository

Configure the schedule as you want and click on Create for create the backup job.

Create the backup job.

Configure Backup copy job

From the veeam console, click on the previous job then click on the Backup Copy in the ribbon.

Create backup copy job on veeam m365 console

Select the immutable azure repository then click on Next.

select immutable repository

The backup copy job can be started immediately after the backup job or can be scheduled. Configure schedule then click on Save

Configure scheduling backup copy job
Backup copy job is created


After the end of the backup job, the backup copy job has been launched.

Backup job finished
Backup copy job is performed

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