Veeam 12 – New Features 1

Veeam 12 – New Features 1

Veeam Backup & Replication 12 - New Feature

Backup directly to cloud storage

Since Veeam v12, it is possible to backup resources and then store the backup chain in a cloud storage. From the Veeam console, click on Backup Infrastructure then on Add repositories.

Create new Veeam Repositories

All Backup Repository type appear, click on Object storage.

Select Object Storage

Select the type of Object Storage. I choose to use my Azure Account.

Select Object Type

Select the Azure Storage Object type.

Select Azure Storage Object type

Enter the name of the repository then click on Next.

Enter the name of the repository

Click on Add then enter Account and Shared Key. Click on OK then on Next.

Copy Account name and key
Enter Account and Shared Key

Select Container and select or create a new folder. Click on Next. The Container must be created on Azure portal

Select container and folder.

Validate the following windows then proceed to the creation of the repository.

Create Repository

I created a backup job and use the cloud repository. This repository contains the files of the backup chain.

Backup chain has been present in Azure

Per-VM Backpup Chain

Among the many new features, Veeam v12 allows you to move a VM between different backup jobs. This allows you to perform a health check. In case it is necessary to retry the backup of a VM (following a failure for example), it is now possible to move the concerned VM to backup only the latter. This avoids to backup all the VMs of a backup job if one or more VMs fail. This operation offers several advantages :

  • Move VMs between backup jobs
  • Perform the health check separately
  • Perform an Active-full for a limited number of VMs
  • Retry a backup job for a limited number of VMs

From the Veeam console, open Home tab then click on Disk. Select the desired VM then click on Move Backup in the ribbon.

click on move backup

Select the destination job then click on OK.

select the destination backup

Moving backup is in progress…

Move backup is in progress...

VMs has been moved.

VMs has been moved to another job

As for VM, it is possible to move a backup job from one repository to another. Right click on the desired job and

move backup to another job

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