Veeam 12 – New Features 2

Veeam 12 – New Features 2

Hardened Repository in Veeam 12

What new in Veeam v12

Hardened Repository is now an important security for the backup chain. Cryptolocker try frequently to encrypt the backup file. A lot of new features is present in the Veeam v12.

Compatibility with Hardened Repository

Before the v12, you can use Hardened Repository for :

  • Virtual machines : VMware vSphere & Cloud Director, Hyper-V, AHV, RHV
  • Veeam Agent for Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris and MAC
  • VeeamZip & Export backup
  • Backup copy jobs

With the v12, you can use Hardened Repository for :

  • SQL, Oracle & Postgres logs from application aware processing
  • Enterprise Database Plug-ins (Oracle RMAN, SAP HANA, SAP on Oracle, SQL
  • NAS backup
  • Configuration backup

Credential and proxy

SSH and sudo credenial no longer need to be used. It’s very important and permit to have more secure system. You can use now a proxy on Hardened Repository. A new wizard is now implemented on the Veeam v12 to setup an Hardened Repository.

Configure Hardened Repository

From the Veeam v12 console, open Backup Infrastructure tab then select Backup Repositories. In the ribbon, click on Add Repository. XFS volume must be configured.

Veeam 12 - New Features 1 - Create Hardened Repository

A new windows appear, select Direct attached storage

Select direct attached storage

Select Hardened Repository option.

Select hardened repository

Enter the name of the repository then click on Next.

ENter the name of the repository

Click on Add new to add new server.

Add new linux server

Enter the FQDN or IP address of the Linux server then click on Next.

Enter the FQDN or ip address of the server

Add new account. In Beta 3, the SSH connection is still required.

Add new account

Click on Apply to install the Veeam components.

Install Veeam Components

Setup is in progress.

Is in progress

Click on Next then on Finish. The server is now added. Click on Populate to select the path.

Server has been added

Select the xfs volume then click on Next.

Select XFS volume

Click on Populate and check Use fast cloning on XFS volumes option. Configure the number of the day which the backup file is immutable.

Configure option for the repository

Configure Mount server windows then click on Next.

Configure mount server

Click on Apply to begin repository configuration. The repository is added to the Veeam infrastructure.

the repository is added to the veeam infrastructure

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