Use Remote Help

Use Remote Help

use remote help with Intune

Remote help is a tool included in Microsoft Intune, he permit to get assistance at user connected on Windows 10 computer enrolled in Microsoft Intune. Microsoft Intune subscription is required. The workstation must perform Windows 10 or Windows 11. Very important ! Remote help app must be installed on the workstation.

Network Prerequisites

The tool Remote help use port 443 for communicates and connects to the Remote Assistance Service at Note that traffic is encrypted with TLS 1.2. All workstation (helper and sharer) must be access to the following endpoint.

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Create application on Intune

You can use this this link for download Remote Help application.

Create folder and copy the file previously downloaded.

Use Remote Help - Copy tools on the folder

On my Github , download the tools for create win32 App package. This package will be uploaded on Microsoft Intune.

open Command Prompt and run the following command for create Win32 App package.

IntuneWinAppUtil.exe -c "Source Folder" -s "Source Setup file" -a "Output Folder"
  • -c : for the source folder
  • -c : for the source Setup file (path and file)
  • -a : for the output folder. This folder contain the package file.
Create Intune Win32 Package

The package has been created.

The intuneWin App util has been created

From the Intune portal, click on Apps, All apps then on Add.

Add application on Microsoft Intune

Select Windows app (Win32) then click on Select.

Select Win32 App

Click on Select app package file and select the file previously generated file.

Select previously generated file

Enter name, description and publisherfor the application. Click on Next.

Enter the name, description and publisher of the application

Enter the following install command line and uninstall command line. Leave the other option by default and click on Next.

Install command line : remotehelpinstaller.exe /install /quiet acceptTerms=Yes
Uninstall command line : remotehelpinstaller.exe /uninstall /quiet acceptTerms=Yes
Enter install and uninstall command line

Configure the Operating System architecture and the Minimum operating system to meet your environment.

Configure the requirements for the application

Select Manually configure detection rules and click on Add.

Add new detection rules on Microsoft Intune

Configure the detection rule as below.

Path : C:\Program Files\Remote help
File or folder : RemoteHelp.exe
Detection method : String
Operator : Greater than or equal to
Value : 10.0.10011.16384
Configure detection method

I choose to deploy on all of my Windows 10 device. You can choose other group if you want.

Configure assignments groups

Aplication has been configured.

Application has been configured

Configure Remote Help

We can now enablme the remote help. From the intune portal, click on Tenant administration then on Connectors and tokens.

Enable remote help tools

Click on Remote help then on Settings.

Click on click Remote help then on settings

Enable the remote help tools then click on Save.

Enable remote help tool

Configure permission

Before delegate permission, you need create user group. It’s very important to delegate permission at the user to respect the policy of least privilege. From the Intune portal, click on Groups then on New group.

Create new group

Enter the desired name and click on No members selected.

Configure new groups

Add users that you want delegate permission then click on Create.

From the Intune portal, click on Tenant Administration then on Role.

Create new role

Click on Create to create new role.

Create new role for delegate permission

Enter the name and click on Next.

configure the name of the account

Expand Remote help app and configure permission. Click on Next.

configure role

Click on Create for create the new role. The role has been created.

the role has been created

Click on the role then on Assignments for delegate the permission then click on Assign.

Assign group

Enter the name and click on Next.

Enter the name

Click on Add groups then select the previously created groups.

Add groups

You need to choose the scope. In my lab I choose to include all devices.

Add right

The assignments is now been configured.

Use Remote Tools

From the workstation where the tool has been installed, click on Remote help.

Launch remote tools

Click on Sign in for enter user credential.

Sign in with user

Click on Sign in for enter user credential then click on Accept.

Click on accept

Tools has been configured.

Tools has been configured

Test Remote Help Tools

For test remote help tools, I have installed on my Windows 10 computer the tools. The computer is member of Active Directory domain. My user who need help is configured in Azure AD Join domain.

From my Windows 10 computer, open Intune portal and select the device. Click on New remote assistance session.

launch remote tools

Click on Launch Remote Help, the remote tools appear. Click on Get a security code to obtain the code.

Get Security code

From the computer where the user who needs help is logged in, access the Remote Help tool and enter the code.

enter Security code

Connection is in progress….

Connection is in progress

Connection is in progress….

User must select Take full control or View screen for take control on the desktop.

Take control on the computer

The connection is now made and the user has access to the computer.

User must connect to the computer

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