Toos for Cybersecurity

Toos for Cybersecurity

We love our firewall systems as much as the next guy. There is nothing truly as impressive as having a method to filter out unauthorized network access even when you are not looking.

As great as firewalls are, though, they do come short in some areas. For example:

  • Latest viruses – we have seen firewalls protect against some viruses, but they can’t offer this as a dedicated service.
  • When phishing attacks happen, the user bypasses their security for the hacker without even knowing.
  • DDoS attacks – when computers and networks in an area get hijacked by threat actors, resulting in loss of access to the entire internet or a particular service on the internet..

That does not mean you should toss your firewalls in the bin, though. They still get a lot of great work done, but they will be better when you pair them with more targeted security software.

We have mentioned some of the top options below.

Anti-Malware Software

The most common form of antimalware software is an antivirus, and you probably have one already. Otherwise, install a good piece of antivirus from a trusted vendor.

Likewise, ensure your antimalware is kept updated so that you can always have the latest malware definitions. That is just a fancy term for ensuring you are not vulnerable to new forms of malware attacks.


Short for Virtual Private Networks, VPNs are not just there to change your online location (IP address) at will. They also come in handy when beating DDoS attacks, among others.

Since most DDoS is localized to a specific IP address, you can route your internet traffic through another server in another part of the world. That generates a new IP address outside of the block zone for you, giving you unfettered access, unlike others affected by the same problem.

Data Backup Software

Ransomware attacks are often successful because the victims do not have a backup of their files. Thus, they will be willing to pay anything to get their data back.

With backup software, you never have to worry about that anymore. Even in a theft case, you could launch a remote wipe on your devices and restore it from the backup onto a new device.

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