Tag: Azure Backup / Restore

Veeam and Azure

Restore to Microsoft Azure Veeam Backup & Réplication permit to restore backup directly on Microsoft Azure. With Veeam you can :

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Veeam for Azure

With Veeam backup for Microsoft Azure you will be able to protect the Microsoft Azure Environments. You can backup your virtual machine and store this backup in Microsoft Azure Storage Account. After saving your resources you will be able to Restore the Azure Virtual Machine Restore the virtual disk of the virtual machine Restore guest …

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Backup File Azure

Why Backup File to Azure ? The backup is an important point that it is necessary to not to neglect. Backup outsourcing is a viable solution for a large number of business. Indeed, this allows to avoid material costs (server, tape drive, disk,…) but also the costs of training of backup as well as licensed …

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