Send Organizational messages

Send Organizational messages

Send Organizational messages

This features permit to send important messages to employees. They need have a Windows 11 PC managed by Intune. It’s an interesting features for remote and hybrid work scenarios. The message is send to Azure AD users and the delivery status can be tracked.

Message types

Intune offers the possibility to create different type of message

  • Taskbar messages : The message appear above the desktop taskbar. This type of message permit to deliver important notification (update deployment, application deployment, etc.)
  • Notification area messages: A pop up appear and then disappear. It’s possible to configure the scheduling to reappear the message until the user don’t click on the included url .
  • Get Started app messages: This message appear on the Get Started aoo. The user can see the message after their message is enrolled and then open the Get Started application. This type of message can be used for link benefits informations, training, etc.

Configure Microsoft Intune

From the Microsoft Intune portal, click on Tenant administration then on Organizational messages.

Access to the intune portal

Click on Message tab.

Click on Messages

If the feature is opened for the first time, check I confirm that my organization owns the appropriate license and I understand the Windows device requirements then click on Confirm.

Check the option and confirm it

Create message

Click on Create to create new message.

Create new message

From the drop-down list, select the message type. I choose Notification area.

Choose the message type.

Select Message theme in the drop-down list then click on OK.

Select message theme

Type the message name and select if you want the logo file. The logo file must be in PNG format with a transparent background and to be 64 x 64 pixels. You can type a link for the message if you want.

Enter information for the message

Choose the language. You can select the dark theme if you want then click on Next.

Select the desired language

Configure the scheduling and click on Next.

Configure the scheduling

Configure the assignments and click on Next. Click on Create.

Configure Assignments

The message appear on the intune portal. You can track the progress of messages sent.

Message appear on the portal

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