Self-Service File Restore Portal

Self-Service File Restore Portal

Restore file or folder

Veeam Backup permit to backup Virtual machine or sysical machine. You can restore folder or file with Veeam Self-Service File Restore Portal.


Self-Service File Restore Portal is supported only in the Veeam Backup & Replication Enterprise Plus Edition. This functionnality is available only for Windows machines. The restoration from storage snapshots is not supported by Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager. You need use an account member of local administrator on the local machine.

Restore file with Self-Service portal

From the web browser, access to the Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager. Enter the credentials of an account with administrative rights.

  • https://enterprise_manager_host:9443/
Self-Service File Restore Portal - Open Veeam Backup Self Service portal

enterprise Manager appear, click on Files then on Pick from List….

Self-Service File Restore Portal - Open Veeam Backup Self Service portal

Select the server as you want.

Self-Service File Restore Portal - Select backup server

Select the desired backup and click on Mount after selecting the server.

Mount backup

The backup has been mounted. Select the dedired file. You can Restore or Download the file.

Restore or download file with Veeam

If you choose to restore file, two options are available

  • Keep : The original file is keept if it’s present on original location.
  • Overwrite : If the file is present on original location, the file is overwriten.

The file is restored. We can see from the portal the status of the restoration.

Restoration is launched

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