Security baselines

Security baselines

Security baselines

What is Security baselines

Security Baseline permit to secure and protect users and device present on Intune. It can be deploy to the group of user or Windows 10 device. With this settings, you can enable few parameter (automatically enables BitLocker, automatically disables basic authentication, etc.).

Create a Security baselines

From the Intune portal, click on Device Security.

Access to the Device Security tab for security baseline

On the Security Baselines, select the desired baselines (MDM or ATP). Click on MDM Security Baseline.

Choose MDM

On the central panel, click on Create Policy

Create policy for MDM

Enter the name and descrition for the Security Baseline and click on Next.

Enter the name and the description for security

Confifgure the setting as you want and click on Next.

Configure Settings as you want

You can now select the group that you want. You can assign to a Default group (All users, All devices or a group present on Azure AD.

Selected group or default group for assign Security Baseline

Click on Create to lauch creation.

Launch creation of Baseline

The profile has now been present on the Intune portal.

Profile has been present on Intune Portal for security baseline

You can change version directly from the Intune console. This option not permit to change baseline types (baseline for Defender ATP to MDM security baseline for example.) When the version has changed, it’s possible to download a CSV file. This file permit to know the changes between version A and version B.

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