Replication with Veeam

Replication with Veeam

Enterprise Manager and SAML

Veeam Backup & Replication permit to backup and restore virtual infrastructure and physical Linux or Windows Server. Nevertheless, Veeam has a wide range of features in addition to backup and restore.

When replicating a VM, vSphere creates a snapshot. This snapshot is considered a copy of the VM at a given point in time, she will then be used for replication.

When replicating for the first time, a full copy is made on the target host. It is interesting to note that unlike a backup, replicated virtual hard drives are stored uncompressed. Thus the files keep their native format. Subsequently, incremental replications will be performed (copy of modified blocks only).


If the size of VM disks is modified (on source VM), Veeam delete all restore points (on replica). This operation is perfomed on the next replication.

The VM with backup proxy role assigned can’t be replicated by this backup proxy. If you use the same backup proxy for all, other VM has replicated first and processing of this VM. The job performance must be degraded. Azure Active Directory credential cant be used for perform application-aware processing on Microsoft VMs. Note that if the job is not completed within 21 days, it will be stopped and the status is Failed.

Creating replicating jobs

From the Veeam console, open Home tab and click on Replication Job on the ribbon. Select Virtual Machine.

Replication with Veeam - Create Veeam replication job

A new windows appear, enter the name of the job. It’s possible to enable the following option :

  • Replica seeding : This option can be enabled if you want to replicate VM on remote site and reduce the traffic during the first replication
  • Network remapping : Creating a network mapping table if the network of the disaster recovery site and production network does not match.
  • Replica re-IP : This option can be used for automate reconfiguration of the replica VMs IP address.
Replication with Veeam - Enter the name of the replica job

With the Add button select the desired VM.

Replication with Veeam - Select the VM

Configure the destination. Select host or cluster with Browse button then the Ressource pool. Click on Choose to select the desired Datastore.

Replication with Veeam - Select the desired destination

You can configure the suffix for the replica name. Select the desired repositories and configure Restore points to keep.

Replication with Veeam - Configure job

Configure the Source Proxy andTarget proxy. On my lab I choose to keep original configuration.

Select target

Configure the next windows and lauch the job.

Launch Job
Replicate VM

The task are present on vSphere. You can start the VM if VM production can’t start, etc.

Task are present on vSphere
VM are on vSphere

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