FR – Windows Server 2019 – Les bases indispensables pour administrer et configurer votre serveur


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This book on Windows Server 2019 is intended for system administrators or IT technicians who want to learn about this version of Microsoft’s server operating system or update their knowledge from older versions. It is composed of theoretical parts always completed by practical parts allowing to set up the studied solutions.

After having clearly identified the different roles and functionalities offered by the operating system, a presentation of Hyper-V (RAM, different types of disks, snapshots…) is made, then the resizing of a vhd file, and finally the new features in terms of security. This theoretical contribution allows the creation of a model (or sandbox) composed of virtual machines running Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10.

Then the Active Directory services are approached in order to allow beginners to understand the vocabulary used for Active Directory. AD sites, replication, global catalog are all parameters studied. The reader will promote a server as a domain controller and as a RODC (Read Only Domain Controller) and will discover the cloning of a virtual domain controller or Azure AD and how Azure AD Join works. The Server Manager console and some of its features, containers, setting up Windows Admin Center, and Active Directory objects such as the AD Recycle Bin are also explained.

In the following chapters, DHCP services are discussed (high availability, administration using PowerShell…), as well as network services, the implementation of a DNS server and a file server or the setting up of a DFS namespace.

Finally, the last chapters will deal with setting up, managing and troubleshooting group policies, security, including setting up a refined password policy, setting up a deployment server (capturing data from a partition or creating a response file), installing a WSUS server, as well as tools for managing and monitoring the server and presenting the PowerShell language.

Throughout this book you will find several PowerShell-only workshops.

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