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This book on Windows Server 2019 is intended for an audience of administrators or system technicians who want to learn about the features offered by Windows Server 2019. In the first chapter, the implementation of Hyper-V is discussed. Prerequisites, virtual machine, dynamic memory, disk types and virtual network management are detailed. The new file format as well as upgrading the version of a virtual machine are also presented. The author then presents the Core version as well as the different tools to migrate to Windows Server 2019. Storage management starts with the configuration of local storage with disk management and volume management. The drive is guided for the reduction of a partition.
This operation is performed on the command line as well as with the graphical interface. Deduplication and storage space management are also detailed. The drive will also learn about NAS, DAS and SAN technologies and how to set up SMB and NFS sharing.

Windows Server Containers and their implementation are studied. The concepts of disaster recovery plan (DRP), failover cluster, and load balancing functionality are then discussed. Finally, the last chapters deal with the administration of Windows Server with WDS, WSUS and MDT.

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