On-Demand Sandbox

On-Demand Sandbox

On-Demand Sandbox

In production, ha can be interesting to test patch management, migration of the server, etc. You can use Veeam Backup & Replication for create isolated virtual environment. This environment is created with backup of Veeam, VM replicas or VMs from storage snapshot.

Here are some examples of how to use the feature :

  • Test Patch Management
  • Test upgrade OS, software, etc.
  • Test a solution to a problem.

Configuring Virtual lab

For configuring On-Demand Sandbox, you need to begini by create a virtual lab. From the Veeam console, select Backup Infrastructure tab and expand SureBackup. Select Virtual Labs then click on Add Virtual Lab on the ribbon.

On-Demand Sandbox - Add On-Demand Sandbox

Enter the desired name and click on Next.

On-Demand Sandbox - Enter the name of the On-Demand Sandbox

With the Choose button, select the desired host then click on Next. With Configure button you can configure the resource pool.

On-Demand Sandbox - Configure host

The Datastore must be configured. Click on Choose and select the desired Datastore.

On-Demand Sandbox - Choose desired datastore

Click on Configure for select production network.

Select production network

Select the network and choose if the IP address is configured manually or by DHCP server.

Obtain IP Address

Check Advanced single-host and click on Next. Basic single-host can be selected, if you have single production network.

Configure Network

With Add button, select the production and isolated Networks.

Add production network
Select production and isolated network

Enter IP address and Mask of your gateway in production. I configure Masquerade network for use other id network.

Configure IP Address

Click on DNS Servers and add IP Adress of your DNS Server.

Enter IP of the DNS Server

For access to the isolated VM from the production you can configure IP Address Mapping. On the Static Mapping windows, click on Add.

Configure Static Mapping

Enter Isolated IP and configure Access IP. I will assignt at the appliance IP address (access IP) for the production network and IP address (Isolated IP) on the Isolated network.

Configure IP Address Mapping

Click on Apply, apply configuration begin.

Apply virtual lab configuration

Click on Finish. Virtual Lab applicance has been created on my ESXi.

Appliance has been created on my appliance

Create Application Group

Application group contain VM that need to be started in the On-Demand Sandbox.

From the Veeam console, open Backup Infrastructure expand SurBackup and click on Application Groups. Click on Add Group in the ribbon.

Create application group

Enter the desired name and click on Next.

Enter the name of the Application group

Click on Add button and select the source. I choose From backups.

Choose the desired source. Backup, replicas or storage snapshots

Expand the desired backup and select the VM. Click on Add.

Select the vm backed up

The VM has been added, click on the first VM then on Edit.

Select the role on the VM

Select the role of the VM and configure Credential.

Configure role of the VM
Configure credential

Repeat the same operation for other VM and click on Next

Select role on eaach VM

Click on Finish

Create Application group

Configuring On-Demand Sandbox

From the Veeam console, open Backup Infrastructure, select SureBackup and click on Add SUREBACKUP job.

Add SureBackup job

Enter the name and click on Next

Enter the name of the surebackup

The Virtual lab is selected click on Next.

Select Virtual lab

Select Application group. The VM present on application group appear.

Select application group

Click on Next on oher windows without modication. Click on Apply for lauch creation of the SureBackup job.

Lauch surebackup

The job has been present on the Veeam console. Click on Start for begin.

The job has been present on Veeam console

The Linux appliance has been created by veeam on my ESXi. The VM Srv-AD and Srv-SCCm has also created.

VM has been created on ESXi

The network used by Veeam for On-Demand Sandbox has been present on my ESXi.

VM network has been present

Open session is now possible. You can run all operation needed on the VM.

Session can be opened

For delete all Virtual machine, click on Stop from the Veeam console.

Stop the job

The Virtual Machine on the ESXi is been unregister.

VM has been unregister

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