Migrate MDM Platform

Migrate MDM Platform

It’s a good question, you can find a response here. There is a lot of MDM Platform (Air Watch, Mobile Iron, Intune), Microsoft Intune has the advantage of complementing with SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager). So you can adminstrate your devices with SCCM. If you have an other MDM and you want migrate to Microsoft Intune, you can use this document for get high-level guidance. This guides provides the required points for migrating your devices and users. Several pointsare studied :

Before you Begin

Before the migration, it’s important to addressed some point. In the first time you need to comparing features and functionnality of Microsoft Intune with your MDM. You will be able to understand the intunes place in EMS Solution (Enterprise Solution Manager). The architecture is an important point. The choice of architecture (SAAS or SCCM) and the authentication method (AD synchronization vs using ADFS) must be done before installation. Another important point is the objects to be synchronized. It is possible to perform a full synchronization of the database or part with a security group or organizational unit.

Install Solution

With this step you can understand the interaction between Intune and other Microsoft products (online and on-premise). To find the necessary information about network infrastructure requirements and other important information (portal web site, supported browsers,…) Microsoft provides the necessary links. You can find the link in the document. If your Enterprise provides Corporate ressources (Mail, SharePoint,..), you can find information on how to protect these ressources. Finally the subject dealing with the preparation of the Platform are discussed.


The step provides information about the different components (security, configuration, application deployment,…). Finally the subject dealing with migration and pilot stage close the document. If you have a questions, you can contact me.

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