Manage MAC OS X

Manage MAC OS X

Microsoft Intune allow the management of IOS device. A new features appears in the Microsoft Intune Platform. It’s now possible to manage MAC OS desktop or laptop.

Unlike IPhones and Ipads whose enrollment is done from the Microsoft Intune apps, to enroll MAC OS device you need use the web portal ( As for IOS, an management profiles will be installed. If the APNs Certificate is uploaded, no action is required. It is therefore possible to enroll IOS or MAC OS Equipment.  Otherwise, it is necessary to carry out the request of the certificate and upload file into the Platform.

When equipment has enrolled, you can configure configuration rules. It is possible to deploy this resources :

  • Wifi Profiles
  • VPN Profiles
  • Certificates Profiles

If you use Apple MDM Framework, you can create and deploy custom Configuration Policy The sort of policy, permit to configure any settings on the MAC Device (for the device who is compatible with Apple MDM Framework). You can use the Apple configurator tool for create and export the custom mobileconfig file. After, you can upload the file into Intune platform and deploy rules.

Alternatively, you can find here, the documentation for create your XML file. You can use this file for configure a large number of device.
With this file you can configure :

  • Wifi Profiles
  • VPN Profiles
  • Restriction on device features
  • Email Profles
  • LDAP Directory Service settings
  • CalDAV calendar service settings
  • Web Clips
  • Credentials and Keys

Report and Auditing

Intune provides reports for keep track of all your MAC devices by providing harware and software inventory reports. You can go to the Reports workspace to view the new Mac OS X inventory reports available.

The Hardware Report provides all the important details ( about the device and configuration state. Including critical information about the OS X version (it make sure to have the latest OS patches), the serial number (for auditing and inventory). You can also find the last time the device checked-in to Intune and whether or not File Vault encryption is enabled. The Software Report details all of the apps installed on Mac devices (include the unique app identifier, the version number and the app friendly name). This report can help you confirm the latest software is installed on Mac devices.


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