Instant VM Recovery

Instant VM Recovery

Instant VM Recovery

Veeam offers a number of different recovery modes. Here we’ll take a look at vm recovery.Other catering options will be covered in a separate post in the near future.

What is the Instant VM Recovery ?

The Instant VM Recovery mode enables you to quickly restore a virtual machine. The production environment is used, along with the various backup files. Using this recovery mode, it is possible to optimize the recovery time (RTO – Recovery Time Objective). During a restore operation, Veeam Backup & Replication uses Veeam vPower NFS. This enables the restored image to be mounted on the ESXi host. This operation is obviously performed via the backup files. The VM is not extracted, and production storage is not affected. This allows us to perform a quick restore with no impact on production.

The VM image is read-only, and all modifications are recorded in a redo log on the NFS server. It is of course possible to merge this data with the read-only data in the VM during production. Note that it is possible to redirect changes made to the VM to a specific datastore. This is to improve the performance of the restored VM. In the latter case, a snapshot is used instead of redo logs. Veeam Backup & Replication creates the snapshot and stores it in the datastore. A lot of operation can be performed :

  • Storage vMotion which offers the option of migrating the restored VM to production storage. With this solution, no downtime is required. Virtual machine data is extracted from the NFS datastore and copied to production storage. Following restoration, a consolidation is performed. It is important that the VMware license allows this operation.
  • VM replication or copy functionality. A copy of the VM is made. Following the maintenance window, a failover is performed. Please note that downtime is required to copy or replicate the VM. When restoring, the source VM is switched off, then the copied or replicated VM is switched on.
  • Rapid migrationThis migration mode consists of two steps. First, the VM is restored using a backup file. This operation is performed directly on the production server. The VM is then consolidated with the changes made. In this way, the VM restored to production includes all the changes.

Restore VM

Let’s take a look at how to restore a VM using Instant VM Recovery. From the Veeam console, select the Home view and click on Restore. A pop-up menu appears, select VMware vSphere.

Instant VM Recovery - Restore VMware VM

A wizard appear, select Restore From Backup then click on Entire VM restore in the windows Restore from backup.

Restore from backup option for the instant vm recovery

The option Instant Recovery is available. Click on it then on Instant recovery to VMware vSphere.

Select Instant VM Recovery

Click on Add then select the desired virtual machine. Two options are available.

  • From infrastructure : The VM is selected by browsing the virtual infrastructure. If a virtual machine container is selected, Veeam Backup & Replication expands the container into a list of virtual machines. Once a virtual machine has been selected, information about the most recent restore point is displayed.
  • From backup : Veeam Backup & Replication scans the various backups. VM selection is performed using the backup.

With From Infrastructure on my VMware infrastructure.

Select VM that you want with From Infrastructure option

the restore must be performed to the original location. Select the option Restore to the original location

Restore to the original location

Perform a Antivirus scan if it’s needed and enter the reason. In the Summary window, two options are available

  • Connect VM to Network : Use this option to ensure that the restored VM is connected to the local network. This network will be identical to that of the VM during backup. Please note: if you uncheck this option, the VM will not be connected to the network during restoration.
  • Connect VM to Network : The VM is automatically started after restoration.
Restore VM

Restore is in progress. The Instant Recovery is been on the Veeam Console.

Instant recovery in the veeam console

Migrate to production

From the Veeam console, click on the Instant Recovery then click on Migrate to Production to proceed at the restoration. A wizard appear, select ESXi host or cluster and other information for the restoration.

Select information for the restoration

The proxy source and destination is automatically selected. It’s possible to select the desired proxy with Choose button.

Select backup proxy

Click on Next then on Finish. The migration is in progress..

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