Hybrid Diagnostic tool

Hybrid Diagnostic tool

Hybrid Diagnostic tool

The different mode of intune

Microsoft Intune can be used with two distinct modes. In stand-alone mode, the platform is present in the Microsoft cloud. No interaction with your information system. The facilities administration and management of the platform. This action takes place from the web portal. The second mode is more “complex” because it contains an intermediary more.

Indeed, System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2012 is used for management / administration of the Intune platform and mobile devices. This mode requires to allow exchanges between SCCM and Intune platform in the cloud.So it may happen that no devices do appear in SCCM despite the enrollment in the Microsoft Intune platform. This may be of a different factors (prerequisite not respected certificate problem,…). It is necessary in this case to diagnose the failure to find the point blocking and implement corrective actions.

Hybrid diagnotics Tool

Microsoft has implemented a new Tool (System Center Configuration Manager Hybrid diagnosis) that allows you to test different prerequisites for Intune Hybrid mode. So first diagnoses will be automated and will get the first results pretty quickly.

The tool must be run on the SCCM server that has the Intune connector (in the case of use of a hierarchy of server).
The following tests are performed:

  • Checks that the SMS Executive service is running
  • Checks for the service connection point certificate
  • Checks for potential conflicts between service connection point certificates
  • Checks for DNS CName entry for the specified UPN
  • Checks for device type enablement in Configuration Manager
  • Checks for known errors in Status Messages
  • Checks for UPN synchronization in AAD
  • Checks that the specified user is a member of the cloud user collection
  • Checks that the AAD ID and cloud user ID match
  • Checks for user exceeding device cap
  • Check for multiple valid certificates present on service connection point

To download the tool, click here
Hybrid Mode Tool

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