Help for enrollment process

Help User Intune device enrollment process

You have choosen to install the Microsoft Intune Platform. After performing user synchronisation and configure Platform, it’s necessary to enroll the devices. This step is mandatory to apply rules or install application. so make sure the protection of corporate Data and manage device.
Users cant access to the company portal if the device is not enroll into Microsoft Intune Platform.

The enrollment step can be easy if the device were not distributed to users (enrollment takes place during the distribution of the device or when changing the device). Otherwise if you want enroll devices already distribuited, it’s necessary to require users to enroll device. It’s not mandatory but more easy. If you want to distribute your users guide to explain the enrollment step, you can use the Microsoft Intune End User Enrollment Guide.

Microsoft are updated the Microsoft Intune End User Enrollment Guide. This guide is designed to “educate” end users about device enrollment. He provides information about why it’s very important to protect data. You may use this guide as documentation to describe the step for enroll device. So you can downlaod the guide and share directly with the end users. If you prefer, it’s possible to customize it (adding the logo, changing the text, …). You can use this guide if you use Microsoft Intune in SAAS (Software As A Service) mode or Microsoft Intune with System Center Configuration Manager. The operation for enrollement it’s the same for the two mode.

Détail of the guide

You can downlod the file Microsoft Intune End User Enrollment Guide. He contains the following elements :

  • Release note (Microsoft Word format)
  • End User Enrollment Guide v1.1 (Microsoft Word format)
  • End User Enrollment Guide v1.1 (Adobe Acrobat format)
  • End User Enrollment Guide v1.1 (Adobe InDesign format)

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