Enterprise State Roaming

Enterprise State Roaming

Enterprise State Roaming

Windows 10 allows Azure Active Directory users to synchronize their security settings and application parameter data directly in the cloud. This reduces the time required for reconfiguration when using a new device.

  • Company data : Company data is not stored in the cloud. Data security is therefore ensured.
  • Enhanced security : Data stored in the cloud is automatically encrypted before leaving the workstation. It will remain encrypted in the cloud.

What parameter is being synchronized

  • Theme : Desktop themes and taskbar settings
  • Internet Explorer : Recently opened tabs and favorites
  • Microsoft Edge : Favorites
  • Password : Internet password, wifi profiles, etc.
  • Language preferences : Settings for keyboard layouts, date and time, etc.

Enable Enterprise State Roaming

From the Azure AD portal, click on Azure Active Directory then on Devices.

Enterprise State Roaming - Activate parameter

Click on Enterprise State Roaming. I choose to enable parameter for all users but you can click on Selected and use Azure User Groups. Click on Save.

Enterprise State Roaming - apply for groups or all

My two Windows 10 devices is enrolled on Microsoft Intune (on Azure AD Join mode).

Enterprise State Roaming - device is enrolled on Intune

Configure and troubleshoot sync

on the computer open Windows Settings and click on Accounts

Open Windows Setings

Click on Sync your settings, you can choose the settings that you want sync. you can view the user using.

Choose parameter that you want sync

It’s possible to use event viewer for troubleshoot. Open event viewer and click expand Application and Services log / Microsoft / Windows / SettingSync and SettindSync-Azure log.

Event log on event viewer

Event for sync Edge

Event sync edge

Event for sync Theme

Event sync Theme

When the parameter has modified, close the session on the first computer and open a new session. Wait few minutes and execute the same operation on the second computer.

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