Enroll Windows 10 device

Enroll Windows 10 device

Enroll Windows 10 Computer

Enroll Windows 10 Computer

The enrollment of a computer Windows 10 can be done through the Microsoft Intune agent or through the Workplace Join functionality. This feature allows a Windows 10 equipment of enroller in Microsoft Intune. Unlike the agent who allows to add equipment such as a computer, Workplace Join allows the addition of the computer as a mobile. So some functionality may not be used (anti-virus, firewall management, Microsoft patch management). Join workplace join is native to Windows since Windows 8 operating systems.

Enroll computer with Windows 10 wizard

Users can therefore enroll their equipment directly from the operating system. In Windows settings, click accounts.

Accesss to new control panel Windows 10

Click on access work or school. In the central panel click on register only for device management.

Enroll Windows 10 Computer

Enter your email address and then click Next. At the end of the wizard, the equipment is enrolling in Microsoft Intune.

Add professionnal account for Windows 10

Facilitate access to the wizard

For a user with no technical skills, it can be difficult to find the wizard. It is possible to add in an email, web page,… a hyperlink that will allow access directly to the wizard. The user has more than to enter his email address and validate the different windows of the wizard.

The mail solution will be used in this example. We will therefore create a new mail and enter the following text.
Order to enroller your equipment please click the following link. You will need to enter your email address and then to click Next..

The value of the hyperlink is : ms-device-enrollment:?mode=mdm

Add link for Enroll Windows 10 Computer
Send Email for Enroll

When the user click on the link, the assistant for enroller equipment in Microsoft Intune appears. The user can enter his email address and continue in the wizard.

Add account for Enroll Windows 10 Computer

The method of the hyperlink is easier in a campaign of enrollement of equipment already provides to users.

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