Device Group Mapping

Device Group Mapping

Device Group Mapping

With System Center Configuration Manager, it is very easy to implement dynamic collections to categorize internal and mobile devices from Intune. Thus the deployment of an application or a strategy is largely simplified. Indeed, on the basis of a criterion (OS, type network adapter,…) the different device are grouped in a collection. These work through inventory returned by mobile devices or not.

In intune in SAAS mode, it is very difficult to have dynamic groups. The choice and much smaller than using SCCM.Microsoft has enhanced this point by bringing a new feature. It is now possible to implement the Device Group Mapping.

This feature is to select the computer group in which the computer will be positioned.

Why to implement this functionality

After the step of adding the device in Microsoft Intune, a multitude of operation occurs including deploying application or application of strategy. Without this feature, it is necessary to wait that the administrator moves the device in the right group. Using this strategy, it is now possible to position the device in the correct group when adding in Microsoft Intune

How to implement the features ?

As a first step, it is necessary to create the desired groups.

Select the Group mapping

After the creation of the desired groups, it is necessary to enable Group Mapping. To execute this operation, access to the console Admin (Admin link) and Mobile Device Management. Finally click Device Group Mapping.

Configure Group mapping

Enable the setting for acttivate the Device Group Mapping

Select mapping parameter

If groups are already present, it is possible to skip this step and go directly to step 2. Click Add to create a mapping rule.

Create group

Specify the category that will be displayed and the destination group.

Add mappage rules

After you have configured all of the rules, click Save.

Manage mappage rules

When adding the device in intune, the choice of the group is possible…

Select the group

The device is now present in the right group without administrator intervention

Rules has been created

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