Deploy IOS Wifi Profiles

Deploy IOS Wifi Profiles

You can deploy wifi profiles for the IOS devices with the wizard. Unfortunately if you can’t deploy deploy wifi profiles with WPA/WPA2 key. So you are forced to enter the key or give the key to the user. It’s more easier and more secure to deploy the key with the wifi profiles.

Witch profiles you can deploy with the wizard ?

With Microsoft Intune, you can deploy several type of wifi profiles :

  • Open (no authentification), for safety reasons it is best to avoid
  • WEP, for safety reasons it is best to avoid
  • WPA / WPA2 Personnel (but you can’t deploy passphrase)
  • WPA / WPA 2 Enterprise (with EAP-TLS, PEAP, EAP-TTLS, EAP-FAST, LEAP, EAP-SIM)

In security concerns,  it is best to use WPA Enterprise and WPA2 Enterprise but if you cant or if you  do not want, this article is for you.

How I can deploy profles with WPA/WPA2 key

If you use WPA/WPA key to secure wifi access, you need use custom policy for deploy this profiles. You can extend the policies of the Platform Microsoft Intune with this policies.

We can apply the same rules for the Windows Phone devices with OMA-URI. You can found the documentation here.

To create custom policies, you must have a MAC, however you can use this link to create and download a Policy if you not have MAC. With the web site must enter the SSID and password. Also a drop down list to determine whether the SSID is hidden.

Subsequently, the XML file can be downloaded to be added to an Intune Policy.

Once download is required you can create a new custom Policy for IOS. In the wizard (SAAS mode), a difference is made between IOS and Android.

Déploy IOS Wifi Profiles

Enter the name of the desired profile and import the file generated from the website.

Déploy IOS Wifi Profiles

The Policy can now be validated and deployed.

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