Deploy Office 365

Deploy Office 365

Deploy Office 365

The Deployment of Office 365 (Office Click to run Office 2016) can be done in different ways. This article details the different steps for a deployment of this software with Microsoft Intune on a Windows 10 workstation managed as a mobile device.

How to generate an Installer OfficeProPlus ?

If you want to perform the operation with an executable file, it is necessary to use the link below and then export the file. This section allows to make the creation of an msi file and then perform the deployment with Intune. The link can also be used to install Office Deployment Toolkit (tool used for the generation of the msi file).

Use the link above and click Install Toolkit then click Lauch Installation.

Install Toolkit for deploy Office 365

In the drop-down list “what do you like to do?”, leave the default value and then click Start.

Choose the Office 365 product

Select the product you want as well as architecture. Concerning the Channel drop-down list, I selected the Current value in order to have the latest features and updates. Select the Visio and Project check boxes if you want to install it.

Select edtition of Office 365

Click the Languages tab and select the desired language. The Set Primary button can be used to set the desired language by default.

Select language pack for Office

Select the excluded tab, and then clear the products that you want to not installed.

Select the product for deploy

Configure Windows Updates, Download and Options as you the wish.

Configure Office 365 option that you want deploy

Click Generate to generate the file msi or desired executable. We want to perform a silent installation. The Silent install option is therefore checked. Specify the path desired by using the Browse button.

Configure format file for Office 365 setup file

The Configuration tab to see the contents of the XML file.

View xml file before deploy

The generation of the file can now be carried out, to do this click on Generate.

Configure file for Office 365 file

Click OK at the end of the generation of the file. This step is now complete, it is now necessary to perform the import in Intune

Import file in Intune>

Log on to the Microsoft Intune platform and then click Applications. In the new window, click Applications and click Add application.

Office 365 apps are present on Intune

A Wizard starts, select the msi file previously generated by using the Browse button. It is not necessary to change the drop-down lists.

Add Office 365 apps

Configure the window “Define your software” as desired, and then click Next. Confirm the following windows by clicking next without making changes. The application is now imported into Intune and can be deployed on Windows 10 workstation. the workstation has been added to Microsoft Intune as Mobile (without use of the agent) and not as workstation (with use of the agent).

Office 365 are now present

The deployment of the application can now be carried out. In Intune, select the desired application, and then click manage deployment. Select the desired group, then the type of installation (required). Installation operation will be carried out in a more or less important time.

Manage Office 365 deployment

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