Deploy Email profile

Deploy Email profile

Deploy Email profile

Deploy Email profile

Intune allows to deploy an email profile on registered devices. It is thus possible to automate the configuration of an email profile on one or more devices. It is interesting to note that the built-in mail client is supported for most platforms. Email profile can be deployed on this platforms.

  • Android Samsung Knox Standard 4.0 and later
  • Android work profile devices
  • iOS 8.0 and later
  • Windows 10 (desktop) and Windows 10 Mobile

Add Email profile

From the Intune portal, select Device configuration and click Profiles. In the central panel click Create Profile.

Deploy Email profile - Create configuration profile

Enter the desired name and from the platform drop-down list select Android Enterprise. Select Email in Profile type.

Create Email profile

Select Gmail from the App Email drop-down list. Thereafter, several options are available. Enter the SMTP server address (example : for Office 365).

Select the attribute to use for Username attribute from AAD and Email address attribute from AAD. Next you can choose between Username and password or certificate for the Authentification method. If you deploy Office 365 profile you must enabled SSL, for the other email profile you need to verify if ssl is needed.
To finish, you can choose the amount of email to synchronize.

Enter information for Email profile

Click OK and Create, the profile is now correctly created.

Email profile has created

Deployment can now be performed on a group. Click on the profile then click on Assignments.

Select Email profile

Click Select groups to include and select the desired group. Click Select and Save.

Assign Email profile

Deploy gmail application

In the Azure portal, click Mobile apps then Manage Google Play. In the center panel, click Open the managed Google Play Store.

Access to google play

Search for the Gmail application and click Approve.

Download Gmail application

In the portal Azure, click Sync. The application is now present in intune.

Deploy Email profile
Deploy app

Click on the Gmail application then on Assignments.

Assign application

Click on Add Group then from the Assignment Type drop-down list, select Required. Select the desired group.

Deploy Email profile

Click on OK and Save. After forcing synchronization, Gmail is installed. The email profile is well added in the application. The first time you log in, you must enter the password.

Deploy Email profile
Deploy Email profile

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