Deploy Company Portal

Deploy Company Portal

Deploy Company Portal

Why deploy Company portal ?

Company portal is the Microsoft Intune Application. You can deploy it for install available application. On this application user can delete a lost device or force synchronization. This application is not installing when you install your computer. You must install by the windows store. You can deploy automatically this application with Windows Store for Business and Microsoft Intune.

Add application on Microsoft Store

Access to the store for business using this URL. and logon with an administrative account of your tenant.

Access to the Windows Store for Business for deploy company portal

On the field Search the store enter intune, press Enter to find application.

Search Intune application company portal on WIndows Store for Business

Click on Company portal for add application on the private store.

Select Company Portal into Windows Store for Business

You can now add application, click on Get the app in the page that appears.

Company portal apps

Application has been Added to the inventory, click Close.

Application has been added on Windows Store

Configure Microsoft Intune

You can now configure Microsoft Intune to integrate Windows Store for Business on Intune. Application Added on the private store can be deploy by Intune. Into the Intune portal, click on client apps.

Access to the client apps menu into intune portal

Click on Microsoft Store for Business menu and on the central panel click on Open the business store.

Configure Windows Store for business into Microsoft Intune

The Windows store window appears. Click on Manage and on Settings.

Configure Windows Store for Business to integrate with Intune

Select Distribute tab and click on Activate.

Configure Windows Store for Business to integrate with Intune

The status change and is now has the value Activate. You can now close the windows of the Windows Store for business. On the intune portal, click on Enable and select the language that you want.

Enable the Microsoft Strore for business and select language

Click on Save and next click on Sync.

Shnc the Windows Store for business and Intune

The status is now Active, Company portal appear on Intune and it’s possible to deploy it.

Windows Store has been configured
Application has been present on Intune

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