Cumulative patch 2 for Veeam

Cumulative patch 2 for Veeam

Install the Cumulative Patch 2

Before install Cumulative Patch 2 on the Veeam Backup server, you need download the hotfixe. You can use this link

Open the Veeam Backup console and click on Help then on About.

Cumulative patch 2 for Veeam - check version of veeam

The version must be equal to or P1.

Cumulative patch 2 for Veeam - Version of veeam

If the version number is correct, download the patch. Unzip the zip file and launch the file.

Cumulative patch 2 for Veeam - Launch the setup file

The wizard appear, click on Next.

Wizard for setup patch

Check Update remote components automatically for update the backup server and other remote components. Click on Launch for launch installation.

Install patch cumulative 2

The Cumulative Patch 2 has been installed. The version number has updated.

Version has been updated

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