Configure FSLogix

Configure FSLogix

FSLogix is a solution that permit to enable and simplify the non-persistent Windows enrvironments. It’s a very good solution for the virtual environments (on private or public cloud). He includes the following features :

  • Profile Container
  • Office Container
  • Application Masking
  • Java Version Control

Key capabilities

The user profiles has redirect to a network location, he using Profile Container. This profile are present on VHD(x) file and mounted at run time. When user signs in and sign out, the profile are loaded but this profile can be large and the time required for loading can be quite long.

It’s common to copy a profile to and from the network, when a user signs in and out of a remote environment. With FSLogix, applications use the profile as if it were present locally. A filter driver is used by FSLogix solutions to redirect the profile. For applications, the profile is not present on the network, thus avoiding application problems with folder redirection.

Cloud Cache is used by Profile Container for create resilient environments. A portion of the profile is placed by Cloud Cache on the local hard drive. The administrator can specify multiple remote profile locations thus avoiding network and storage failure.


You can use FSLogix (Profile Container, Office 365 Container, Application Masking or Java Redirection) if you have one this following licences :

  • Microsoft 365 E3/35
  • Microsoft 365 A3/A5/ Student Use Benefits
  • Microsoft 365 F1
  • Microsoft 365 Business
  • Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Client Access License (CAL)
  • Windows 10 Enterprise E3/E5
  • Windows 10 Education A3/A5
  • Windows 10 VDA per user
  • Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Client Access License (CAL)
  • Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Subscriber Access License (SAL)

Install FSLogix

Download FSLogix from the Microsoft Website.

Virtual Desktop and FSLogix - FXLogic download file

The tools contains the setup file (1) and the ADMX/ADML file (2).

Virtual Desktop and FSLogix - FXLogic download file

From the Windows 10 virtual desktop, run FSLogixAppsSetup

Virtual Desktop and FSLogix - Run FSLogixAppsSetup

Check I agree to the licence terms and conditions and click on Install.

Virtual Desktop and FSLogix - Accept licence terms and install FSLogix

Installation begin. Click on Close when it’s finish. Restart the computer.

Virtual Desktop and FSLogix - Finsih installation

From the Domain Controller, copy ADMX and ADML file on PolicyDefinitions folder (C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions by default or on Sysvol).

Copy ADMX and ADML file for FSLogix

Configure Group Policy

From the domain controller, create a new group policy and select Computer configuration/ Administrative Template / FSLogix

Group Policy Parameter for FSLogix

Click on Profile Container and double click on Enabled.


Select Enabled and click on Enabled.

Enabled FSLogix

Double click on Profile type and check Enabled. Select Read-write profile.

Configure Profile type

Double click on VHD Location and select Enabled. Enter the path of the desired share folder.

configure path

I want a VHDX with dynamic size. Double click on Dynamic VHD(x) allocation and click on Enabled. Check Dynamic VHD(x) allocation.

Dynamic VHDX allocation

Double click on Allow concurrent user sessions and check Enabled. Select Allow concurrent user sessions

Concurrent user sessions

Select Container and Directory Naming folder and double click on Virtual disk type.

Configure Container

Check Enabled and select VHDX

Select VHD type

If the virtual desktop contain the user profile, you need enable Delete local profile when FSLogix profile should apply. Caution with this parameter !!!..

Apply delete profile with FSLogix

You can use this link for see all parameters.

Apply parameter

Restart the virtual desktop and open a session with one user. The share folder contain a new folder.

The share folder contain the profile

He contain VHD/VHDX file. This file can will be mounted on windows 10 / Windows Server.

Contain VHDX file

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