Change primary user

Change primary user

Change primary user

When registering a Windows 10 workstation in Intune, the user account is used. It is then referenced as Primary user for the workstation.

Change primary user - Primary user

Change primary user

It is now possible to change the primary user. This functionnality requires more prerequities.

  • Windows 10 is the only operating system supported.
  • Device is joined to Azure AD (Azure AD joined or hybrid Azure AD Joined).
  • Device is joined to Azure AD (Azure AD joined or hybrid Azure AD Joined).It’s not work if device is co-managed.
  • The new primary user must be have an intune licence.

How you can change primary user

From the intune portal, click on Devices then on All Devices.

Change primary user - Select Device

Select the device and click on Properties.

Change primary user - Access to properties

The properties appear, click on Change primary user.

Change primary users

Select the desired user and click on Select.

Intune select users

Primary user has been changed. Click on Save. Primary user are also changed on Azure Active Directory.

Intune users changed
Intune users changed on azure ad

Primary user has now been modified.

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