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Jan 23

Co-management for Windows 10 devices

Co-management for Windows 10 devices Co-management can meet several needs: If you have a Microsoft 365 subscription and want to use the included Windows 10 licenses. If you want to manage your Windows 10 devices as a mobile device and thus switch from traditional management to modern management.

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Oct 25

Reset MDM Authority

What is the MDM Authority Before any Microsoft Intune implementation project, a choice should be made between setting up a Microsoft Intune platform in standalone or hybrid mode (with System Center Configuration Manager). It is necessary to know the two solutions, but also the advantages and disadvantages of these solutions. Switching from one mode to …

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Avr 13

Active Android for Work

Android for Work and Intune Android for work allows a more complete management of Android mobile. It allows to expand the possible configurations in an MDM as Microsoft Intune. Several benefits are provided by this solution which:

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Mar 17

Cname records for Auto-discovery

Cname records for Auto-discovery If you want add Windows Device (Windows Phone 8.1/10 or Windows PC 8.1/10) on the intune platform, you need add cname records on your Public DNS Server. This operation is needed to operate the auto-discovery with the Windows devices only. There is no problem with IOS and Android Device.

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Jan 04

Azure AD Connect

Azure AD Connect Azure Ad Connect is a tool provided by Microsoft that allows to extend the scope of AD accounts for cloud services. Indeed the AD user accounts can be used only in an AD domain. To allow a user to use the login and password in a cloud service (Azure, EMS, Office 365,…) …

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Oct 13

Enrolling Device

Enroll Device into Intune After you configure the platform Microsoft Intune, it is important to add mobile devices (IOS, Windows Phone or Android). This operation must be performed directly from the equipment. So, this article presents the steps to add an equipment.

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Oct 09

Enroll Windows 10 Computer

Enroll Windows 10 Computer The enrollment of a computer Windows 10 can be done through the Microsoft Intune agent or through the Workplace Join functionality. This feature allows a Windows 10 equipment of enroller in Microsoft Intune. Unlike the agent who allows to add equipment such as a computer, Workplace Join allows the addition of …

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Sep 13

Office 365 conditionnal access

Office 365 conditionnal access If you have a subscription intune and office 365, it is possible to configure the conditional access. This feature allows to control access to the boxes mail Office 365. Only devices enrolles in Microsoft Intune and respecting security defined constraints will have access to their mailbox Microsoft Office 365.

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Août 25

Hybrid Diagnostic tool

The different mode of intune Microsoft Intune can be used with two distinct modes. In stand-alone mode, the platform is present in the Microsoft cloud. No interaction with your information system. The facilities administration and management of the platform. This action takes place from the web portal. The second mode is more « complex » because it …

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Juin 05

Azure VPN

VPN Gateway You can use VPN Gateway to connect an Azure network and your network On premise. So you can have your ressources on azure and on local Network. How to configure VPN Gateway Before configure VPN Gateway, access to the Azure Portal ( and click New / Networking / Virtual Network.

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