Category: Azure

Avr 23

Backup Nas Synology on Azure

Backup Nas Synology on Azure If you have a Synology NAS, it may be interesting to enable backup of this NAS in the cloud. So even in the event of loss of a drive (and if the RAID has not been enabled), it is possible to recover the data easily. It is possible to backup …

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Oct 03

Network Security Groups

Network Security Groups Network Security Groups to perform segmentation in a virtual network (VNet). The feature also lets you control who enter and leaves a virtual machine connected to the VNet. This feature also allows the production of scenarios DMZ (demilitarized Zone). It is common to have in a local network of the front-end servers …

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Juil 16

Azure Remote App

Azure Remote App Azure Remote App offers the same benefits as Remote App on premise. It allows secure access to hosted applications. So unlike a remote app that will need dilanka hosting (hardware, scalability,…), with Azure Remote App more need to care for the hardware part.

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Juin 29

Azure Web Site

Azure Web Site The Azure platform allows host many resources and provide a lot of functionality. We’ll see today hosting a web site and a MySQL database in Azure. As for one host classical, Azure allows hosting site wordpres,… . The PHP functionality is available is allows execution of script

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Juin 15

Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery Plan The PRA (disaster recovery Plan) is an important point in an information system. In fact it allows to quickly restart the infrastructure in the event of major crash. Several solutions offered to us, replication of virtual machines in a second center, in a datacenter, in Azure,… So let’s see here the reseating …

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Mai 19

Azure CDN

Azure CDN What is Azure CDN ? What is the usefulness of this feature ? How can implement you it ? These are all questions that may be asked before setting up Azure cdn for the first time. Azure CDN enables caching of web page, thus it helps ensure maximum throughput. These benefits are therefore …

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Mai 18

Backup File Azure

Why Backup File to Azure ? The backup is an important point that it is necessary to not to neglect. Backup outsourcing is a viable solution for a large number of business. Indeed, this allows to avoid material costs (server, tape drive, disk,…) but also the costs of training of backup as well as licensed …

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