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Cloud APP Discovery

Cloud APP Security

It is unfortunately common to see in a company of cloud applications (dropbox,…) used in services unless the IT team is aware. This can cause data loss and security problems. Cloud App Discovery is a feature present with the Premium of Azure AD version, it allows to perform application detection cloud used by the company.

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MAM Without Enrollment

MAM Without Enrollment Microsoft has implemented a MAM (Mobile Application Management) solution in Intune. However, this solution requires enroll the device in the MDM (Mobile Device Management). For people not wishing to add their equipment in a type MDM platform, it is possible to proceed with the creation of rules MAM without enrollment.

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Groups Azure AD

Groups Azure AD The group management has been implemented in Azure AD, this feature allows easier administration of access to resources. These may be local (resources present in the Azure Active Directory) or external (SharePoint site, SAAS application,…). Access to a resource can be done in several ways:

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Azure AD Connect Health

Azure AD Connect Health is a tool that allows the administrator to monitor infrastructure AD On Premise. Until now several tools was provides the administrator (Scom – System Center Operation Manager-, event log,…) It is now possible to conduct surveillance through Azure AD Connect Health. This can very quickly see performance alerts or sync error… …

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Password management

EMS (Enterprise Mobility + Security) includes several bricks which Azure AD Premium. This features provides the advantage of an Active Directory in the Cloud Microsoft. It is now easier to use applications directly in the cloud. This system simplifies administration (right to access an application, …) for IT of a company.

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