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Altaro O365 : The Do’s and Don’ts

Office 365 Mailbox Backup: The Do’s and Don’ts Office 365 is a PAAS (Platform As A Service) platform. Microsoft therefore provides its customers with a platform. The maintenance of this platform as well as the update is the responsibility of the publisher. Contrary to what many customers think, Microsoft is not responsible for the data. …

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The Backup Bible

As the old adage goes: fail to prepare, prepare to fail. It’s the perfect description for backup yet to this day so many companies don’t have an adequate backup & disaster strategy in place for when the worst-case scenario happens. Just how well are you protecting your vital data?

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Backup Office 365 with Altaro

Altaro O365 Backup permit to backup and restore the Office 365 mailboxes and files present on Onedrive or Sharepoint. The license is of subscription type (annual or multi-year). With Altaro, you can manage and monitor the backup centrally. The storage for the backup is unlimited. Backups are automated and will be taken daily up to …

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