Backup SQL

Backup SQL

Backup SQL

How you can Backup SQL with Veeam

Veeam Backup permit to backup SQL Server. It’s possible to configure backup job for create image-level VM backups. This backup also permits copy database transaction logs. VM State captured. It’s possible to recover SQL Server with restore point and transaction logs. When backup job is configured, you must specify Advanced settings :

  • How often transaction logs are saved
  • The method of sending transactions to the destination
  • Retention period of transaction logs


For backup database on SQL Server, it’s important to check that the recovery mode is configured on Full or Bulk-logged. If recovery mode is set to simple, Veeam Backup can’t detect and process transaction logs. For verify you can perform the following operations.

From the SQL Server, open SQL Management Studio and expand Databasenode.

Backup SQL - Expand Database

Right click on the database and select Properties. Open Options tab and select Recovery model.

Backup SQL - Expand Database

Create Backup Job

From Veeam console, open Home tab and click on Backup Job. Select Virtual machine on the menu.

Backup SQL - select virtual machine

A wizard appear, enter the name of the job and click on Next.

Enter VM name

Click on Add and select VM backed up.

Add VM and backed up

Select Backup Proxy and Backup repository and click on Advanced.

configure backup repositories

Configure backup mode as you want mode and click on OK.

Configure backup mode

On Guest Processing Window, enable application-aware processing check box. Specify user account to connect to the VM guest OS. This account must have Sysadmin right. Click on Applications button.

Configure guest credential

Select the desired VM and click on Edit.

Select the VM

A new Window appear, check Process transaction logs with this job option and select SQL tab.

Configure SQL option

Specify Backup logs periodically and Retain log backups. Click OK for validate modification.

Backup logs

Complete the wizard to create the backup job.

Create the backup job

Restore SQL Database

Following the backup of a VM, it is possible to restore a SQL database. From the Veeam Backup & Replication console, open Home tab and expand Backups node. Click on Disk and select the server on the central panel.

Select disk that you want restore with veeam

In the ribbon, expand Application Items and select Microsoft SQL Server.

Select Microosft SQL Server

Select the restore point and click on Next.

Select the restore point

Enter Reason and click on Next and on Finish. Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL Server started. Select the desired database and click on Restore.

Select desired Database

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