Backup Nas

Backup Nas

Backup Nas

Veeam solutions offer a wide range of services to ensure high availability on virtual or physical infrastructures. With version 10, Veeam now enables NAS backup.

Add file share to Veeam

From the Veeam console, click on Inventory tab and select File Share. Click on Add File Share.

Backup Nas - Add File Share

Select the desired File Share on the Windows. My NAS it’s a synology, i choose SMB Share.

Backup Nas - Add File Share

Enter the Shared folder or select Browse for select the shared folder. If access requires credential, check This share requires access credentials

Backup Nas - Enter shared folder

Click on Add for enter credential. Enter credential and click on OK then click on Next.

Backup Nas - Enter shared folder

Select the proxy and the cache repository. You can also configure Backup I/O control. Click on Apply.

Backup Nas - Configure backup

File Share has been added.

File share has added

Create backup job

From the Veeam console, click on Create Backup Job.

Create backup job

Enter the desired name for Backup job and click on Next.

Create backup job

Click Add and select the file or folders to be backed up.


The folders or files appear. Click on Next.

Select Folders

Select backup repository and configure retention. You can configure archive on the same windows.

Configure repository

Configure (if you want Secondary Target) and schedule the job. Click Apply and Finish.

Configure schedule veeam job

Click on Home Tab and start the job.

Start veeam job

Nas is now backed up.

Backup Job is finished

Restore file on NAS

On the Veeam console, open on Home tab and click on Restore in the ribbon. Click on File Share.

Restore file

Several types of restoration are possible. I would like restore only one file. I choose Restore individual files and folders.

Individual restore file

Select object to restore and click on Next.

individual restore file

Click on Finish.

individual restore file

Select file that you want restore and click on Restore or Copy to for copy on other location.

Restore desired file

Restore completed successfully.

Restore desired file

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