Backup Nas Synology on Azure

Backup Nas Synology on Azure

Backup Nas Synology on Azure

Backup Nas Synology on Azure

If you have a Synology NAS, it may be interesting to enable backup of this NAS in the cloud. So even in the event of loss of a drive (and if the RAID has not been enabled), it is possible to recover the data easily. It is possible to backup in several cloud, this article is about the backup in Azure.

How to implement the backup in Azure ?

As a first step, it is to calculate the cost of storage. You can use the Following link.

Calculatrice Azure

From the Azure portal ( create a storage account. Click on All Services in the search field, enter storage. Click on Storage Account.

Create storage account Backup Nas Synology on Azure

A new Windows appear, click Add. Select the resource group or create a new group. Enter the name of the storage account and select well as the account type and the desired replication. Configure the Group of resources you want, and then in the drop-down list, select location.

Backup Nas Account storage

Select BlobStorage and the desired replication. Click on Next.

Click Next on Networking Windows.

Click Next on Networking and Advanced Window without modification. Click on Create for launch creation.

Once created, the storage account appears, click on access keys.

Storage account has been created

The key and the connection string are present. This information is required to configure the NAS.

Create key for backup

Install Hyper Backup on the NAS.

Configure NAS

Once installed, open the application. Select Microsoft Azure and click Next.

Download application on NAS

Enter the name of the storage account followed by the Access Key. The Access Key must be copied from the Azure portal (Key).

Creaete backup task

In Container Name, select Create a new container. Enterthe name you want, and then click OK.

Create backup job on nas

Select the folder to replicate, and then click Next. Check the box to enable encryption on the client side and then enter the desired password.

Create backup job on nas

Configure retentionClick apply and then click Yes to start the backup.

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