Backup File Azure

Backup File Azure

Backup File Azure

Why Backup File to Azure ?

The backup is an important point that it is necessary to not to neglect. Backup outsourcing is a viable solution for a large number of business. Indeed, this allows to avoid material costs (server, tape drive, disk,…) but also the costs of training of backup as well as licensed software. More outsourcing to limit administration tasks.

It is possible to undertake the externalize of backup in Microsoft Azure.

How to set up backup

It is necessary as a first step to create a source Azure. If you already have one, this can be ignored. In the Azure portal, click Browse, and then in filter type Recovery.

Create Azure recovery services for backup

Click on Recovery Services Vaults and then configure the fields needed to create. Specify the name you want so that the resource groups. Finally enter the location.

Configure coffre for Backup

In the settings, click Save and backup target. Select the location of the resource and the type.

Select Source and target

After clicking OK, step 1 is validated. Click the Agent link to Server Windows or Windows client. Download the executable file. Do the same for the credentials.

Configure Identifiant for backup
Download identifiant for Backup File Azure

Attention! the credentials are valid two days. Now, you can install the agent on the server that needs to be backed up. Run the executable file previously downloaded. The framework v4.5 is necessary.

Install agent Backup File Azure

A Wizard starts, click next to validate installation and cache path.

Backup wizard is lauched

If a proxy is required for accessing the internet, it is necessary to fill in the necessary information (address, port, login and password). If no proxy is used, this step can be skipped.

Enter proxy on the backup wizard

The agent will be updated through Windows Update, it is nevertheless possible to refuse to use Windows Update. This choice shall be effected from the wizard. If a component is missing, it will be installed.

Installation for backup is lauched

After installation, a reboot is required

Backup agent has been installed

A new icon appears on the desktop or from the menu start.

Lauch backup installation

After starting the software, click Register Server.

Backup console are lauched

Using the Browse button, select the identification file previously downloaded from the interface Azure.

Backup console are lauched

Generate a passphrase for encryption of backup and then specify a path or it can be stored. Click on Register to complete the operation.

Backup Enter passphrase

The backup can now be configured. In the console, click schedule backup.


Select the items that need to be backed up on the server with Add Items button.

Select item to backup

The backup can be scheduled three times per day maximum.

Schedule backup

Specify the desired retention and then click Next.

Configure retention

It is possible to operate an initial backup from the network or in Offline mode.

Configure initial backup file on azure

Click Finish to proceed to the creation. It is possible to launch the backup manually clicking on Backup now.

Backup file on azure is in progress

Once the backup is complete, click Close. Once the backup is performed, it is possible to perform the restore. To do this, in the console, click Recover Data.

Backup file on azure is OK

A wizard appears, click Next. Select the desired mode, and then click Next.

Recovery backup file azure

Selected volume whereabouts data as well as the desired date.

Select volume data from azure backup file

Select the file/folder to restore, and then click Next.

Select item to recover

Select the options you want, and then click Next.

Specify destination for backup file azure

Click Recover to restore the data.

Restore step has lauched by azure backup

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