Azure Web Site

Azure Web Site

Azure Web Site

Azure Web Site

The Azure platform allows host many resources and provide a lot of functionality. We’ll see today hosting a web site and a MySQL database in Azure. As for one host classical, Azure allows hosting site wordpres,… . The PHP functionality is available is allows execution of script.

Create a web app in Azure

Multiple languages (python, php, .net..) can be used in Azure, let’s see here prepare a site using PHP.
In the Azure portal, click New and then enter web. Click on Web + mobile and web Application + MySQL.

Search Web Site

Click the Create button and then enter the desired domain name. It will be suffixed with. It will be possible to use your domain name by modifying the dns. Change the value of the www record to point to the url Azure ( We will create a new group of resource named AzureWebSites.

Create web site on Azure

Now, it is necessary to configure the database. To do this enter the name you want as well as the type of database. Two types of database can be used (shared or dedicated). Finally select the location and the desired level of pricing.

Select tarif

Before you can initiate the creation of the web app, it is necessary to proceed with the acceptance of the legal conditions.

Configure legal condition for web site

Once the parameters are validated, it is possible to initiate the creation of the webapp.

Deployment of Azure Web Site begin

The web app is now created, ftp access must now be configured.

FTP not configured

Configure web app

It is possible to configure the application to use a particular version of ASP.NET, php… Click on ‘All resources’ and on the web site.

Open properties Azure Web Site

In General, click application settings.

Select Application Settings

Make the setting as desired, and then click Save.

Configure version of PHP

In the Publication category, click deployment credentials, and then type the information you want.
Click Save for validate.

Identifiant Azure Web Site

In the central panel, the name of the FTP and FTPs server appears. This information should be used to connect.

Url of the FTP web Site

FTP connection

Before to connect in FTP, we will first download a WordPress engine.

Download WordPress Engine

Launch Filezilla and then set up a new connection

Azure Web Site

Create database and upload website

Click Browse and then click MySQL databases.

Azure Web Site

Select the desired base and then click settings to retrieve the information necessary for the connection. The icon manage the database to obtain the information necessary for the management of the database.


In General tab, click Properties.

Access to the properties

The window to obtain the information required for the connection.

Azure Web Site

Click OK in the warning window that appears. The contents of the folder appears. Upload the contents of the site on the server into Site/wwwroot. In my case the engine WordPress has been sent.

Transfert file on Azure Web Site

Access to the web site

It is now possible to access the web site, to access the url provides. It is possible to use a different domain name by modifying the www CNAME in the DNS of your register.

Azure Web Site
Azure Web Site

The WordPress site is now available.

Azure Web Site

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