Azure NFS and Veeam

Azure NFS and Veeam

Azure NFS and Veeam

Support for Azure NFS 4.1 is provided by Azure Backup & Replication. Since version 10, it is possible to perform NFS share backup in Azure. To do this, Veeam uses the login credentials of the Azure storage account to access NFS shares.

Use case

  • Back up Azure NFS 4.1 file shares.
  • Store the off-site backups for Azure NFS shares in a other Azure region.
  • Use Veeam for migrate OnPremise infrastructure to Azure.

Create Azure NFS share

Enter Stor on the search field and click on Storage accounts.

Azure NFS and Veeam - Select Storage account

Click on Add for create new storage account.

Azure NFS and Veeam - Add new storage account

Select the desired resource group or create a new one. Enter the Storage account name and select the location. Select Premium in Performance and FileStorage in Account kind.

Azure NFS and Veeam - Create storage account

Click on Review + Create then on Create.

Azure NFS and Veeam - Create Storage Account on Azure

Access to the properties of the Storage Account and click on File shares

Create File Share

Click on + File share.

Create new file share

Enter the desired name and the provisioned capacity. Check NFS and click on Create.

Create Veeam Share

The file share has been created.

the share has been created

Click on the share then on Configure service endpoint now.

Configure Service Endpoint

Check Selected networks and check Add your client IP address.

Select the desired Network

Click on Add existing virtual network.

add virtual network

Select the Virtual Networks, Subnets and click on Add.

Select Virtual Network and sunets

The virtual network has been added. Click on Save.

VirtualNetwork has been added

Configure Veeam Server

My Veeam Backup & Replication Server is added on Microsoft Azure (you can use your internal server if you have VPN connection between Azure and your Datacenter. The Virtual Machine use the same Virtual Network and Subnet that Storage Account. From the Veeam Backup Console, open Inventory tab, click on File Shares then on Add File Share.

Add new share on Veeam Console

A new wizard appear, click on NFS Share.

Add new NFS Share

You need enter the NFS Path. On the properties of the NFS share, click on Connect From Linux and copy the NFS Path.

Copy NFS share path

Paste the path on Veeam and click on Next.

path of the azure nfs share

Select the Veeam Proxy and the Backup Repository. Click on Apply for create the share.

Select proxy and repository

Click on Finish if all step is ok.

Click on Finish
Click on Finish

The share has been added on Veeam console.

NFS Share has been added on Veeam console

Configure Backup job

Veeam backup must be configured for backup NFS share. From the Veeam Backup & Replication console, open Home tab and click on Backup Job and choose File Share.

Backup Azure NFS Share

A new wizard appear, enter the desired name and click on Next.

Enter the name of the backup job

Click on Add for select the Azure NFS Share.

Select Azure NFS Share

Configure storage windows and click on Next.

Configure Storag

The job has been created and can be launched. The files and folders present on Azure NFS Share has been backed up.

Backup job has been created

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