Configure Azure CDN

Configure Azure CDN

Configure Azure CDN

Configure Azure CDN

What is Azure CDN ? What is the usefulness of this feature ? How can implement you it ?

These are all questions that may be asked before setting up Azure cdn for the first time. Azure CDN enables caching of web page, thus it helps ensure maximum throughput. These benefits are therefore made :

  • Better performance for end users
  • Better management of high instantaneous load
  • Query processing on the Edge servers, to reduce traffic to the origin servers
Functionnality Azure CDN

Step 1 : Alice request a file and for this action use a URL (containing special domain name). For exemple : DNS permit to route the request to the best performing Point-of-Presence (POP) location (normally the geographically closest to the user).

Step 2 : If the edge server does not have the requested file in their cache : He request the file from the origin (Azure Web APp, Azure Cloud Service, Azure Storage Account,…).

Step 3 : The origin server returns the file to the edge server. He include http headers to describes the TTL (Time-to-Live) of the file.

Step 4 : After having received the file, the edge server caches the file.

Step 5: If an other user (Bob for example, try to request the same file using the same URL, he can receive the file since edge server.

You can implement three Azure CDN, the functionnality for each is described in the link below CDN Feautures.

Create new CDN Profile

It’s necessary as a first time to create a new CDN Profile. It’s a collection of CDN endpoints. So one profile can contain one or more CDN Endpoints. One single Azure subscription has limited to four CDN profiles and each profiles has limited to ten CDN Endpoints.

In the Azure Portal, click New and in the field enter cdn.

Create Azure CDN

In the Marketplace pane, click CDN + Media athhen CDN.

Create Azure CDN

Click Create button. You can now create new CDN Profile. Enter the name of the profile and choose the location and the resource group (new or already present group). After you must choose the tariff level.

Enter information of CDN

You must now click create button.

Lauch creation of Azure CDN

The CDN profile is now created, it is necessary to proceed with the creation of the CDN Endpoints

Create new CDN Endpoint

From the Azure portal, navigate to the previously created CDN profile. Click Browse and enter in the fields CDN. CLick CDN Profils.

Creation is ok

The previously created profile is present. Click above to display the configuration pane. Add a CDN Endpoint by clicking on Endpoint.

Add Endpoint

Enter the name you want as well as the desired type. Here the type is storage, then select the host of origin along with the path name. Deselect protocols that you no longer wish to, and then click Add.

Configure File test

The endpoint is well established.

Creation is now ok

It is necessary to wait for the propagation to the CDN access

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