Autoscale on Azure

Autoscale on Azure

Monitor & Autoscale

Autosclae permit to have the right of ressource for the application. It’s possible to add resources in case of a more important use and to remove resources in case of a decrease of activity. It is necessary to specify a minimum/maximum number of instances to execute. Adding/deleting is done automatically using different rules.

Create ressource on Azure

Before implement Autoscale, you need to create ressource on Azure. You use use the Following JSON file for create ressource.

From the Azure portal, enter Custom Tempalte on search field and click on Deploy a custom template.

Autoscale on Azure - Create Custom Template

Click on Build your own template in the editor and copy the contents of the file.

Autoscale on Azure - Create template on Azure

Paste the contents of the file and click on Save

Autoscale on Azure - Paste JSON File on Azure Template

Select Subscription and Resource group. Check I agree to the terms and condition stated above and click on Purchase.

Autoscale on Azure - Configure Template

Azure ressource has been present Resource groups.

Autoscale on Azure - Azure ressource has been created

Configure Azure Autoscale

From the Azure portal, enter Monitor on the search field and click on Monitor.

Autoscale on Azure - Open Monitor blade

Click on Autoscale and select a ressource that you want to scale. I choose my App Service plan APPNicolasBONNET.

Select ressource that you want Scale

Check Custom autoscale and enter the desired name.

Select custom autoscale and enter the desired name

Click on Add a rule.

Add a rule on for custom autoscale

Configure the rule as you want. By default if the CPU percentage of the resource exceeds 70 percent, the action is : Increase count by. Click on Add for add the new rules.

Add a rule for Custom Autoscale

Configure all desired rules and configure Instance limits.

Configure rules for Autoscale and number of instance limits

Click on Save for save modification.

Click on Save

CustomScale has now been configured. AutoScale Status on monitoring has been changed.

Autoscale status changed

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