Altaro O365 : The Do’s and Don’ts

Altaro O365 : The Do’s and Don’ts

Altaro O365 :  The Do's and Don'ts Office365

Office 365 Mailbox Backup: The Do’s and Don’ts

Office 365 is a PAAS (Platform As A Service) platform. Microsoft therefore provides its customers with a platform. The maintenance of this platform as well as the update is the responsibility of the publisher. Contrary to what many customers think, Microsoft is not responsible for the data. In case of data loss, voluntary removal of an employee, file encryption, etc. Microsoft will not be able to be asked to return to the original state.

In the link below, Microsoft recommends the implementation of a Third-Party tool to back up the holding Office 365.

Altaro O365 :  The Do's and Don'ts : Microsoft Service Agreement

It is therefore important to think about a backup solution and build the right architecture.

External or internal backup architecture

This question is not easy to answer. It depends on many points (legal constraint, security constraint, budget, etc.). Altaro offers a comprehensive solution that allows centrally managed Office 365 backups. These are also stored in Microsoft Azure. This ensures high availability. In addition, it offers the advantage of offering unlimited storage space.

Altaro O365 :  The Do's and Don'ts : Backup of Office 365 account

This makes it easier to select a product like Altaro because they support the backup platform maintenance. Thus the various updates but also the changes are at the expense of the service provider. Storage and infrastructure costs, which can be greedy with a storage solution, are reduced to zero.

Now let’s ask the question of why back up Office 365?

Microsoft does not offer backup but only retention. The latter is not a safeguard, it is necessary to guard against certain risks:

  • Voluntary removal of a collaborator
  • Hacker who compromises my admin account and encrypts/deletes my data
  • Ransonware protection

To guard against its causes, it is important to make a regular backup of its Office 365 infrastructure. Check out this link for more information

why back up Office 365?

The benefits of backing up with Altaro O365

This backup solution supports the backup of the user’s mailbox but also its Onedrive and Sharepointspace. Each user has storage space for their mailbox and their oneDrive/Sharepoint Sharepoint consequent.. The storage space for backup is unlimited with Altaro, so this point is also an advantage.

It is interesting the possibility of granularity at the level of Exchange and/or OneDrive restoration.

Altaro O365 :  The Do's and Don'ts : Granular restore for OneDrive and Exchange

In addition, as integration with Office 365 is well managed, the discovery of new users is simplified.

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