Active Android for Work

Active Android for Work

Active Android for Work

Android for work allows a more complete management of Android mobile. It allows to expand the possible configurations in an MDM as Microsoft Intune.
Several benefits are provided by this solution which:

  • Data security: enterprise data silos is performed and this in a business profile. Data loss can therefore better managed.
  • Application security: application of unknown source installation is more easily managed. It is also possible to proceed with specific configurations.
  • Application security: it is possible to implement several rules (the drive encryption, locking,…)

Requirements for Android for Work

The implementation of Android For Works has the following requirements.

  • Device Android 4.0 to 5.1.1 not compatible with the professional profile, but with the Android app for Work

Activate Android for Work in Microsoft Intune

In the Microsoft Azure (, go to Intune. Click mobile device management . Finally and incription android for works.

Inscription Android Android for Work

In the new window, click Configure.

Configure Android Work Intune

Click Connect and enter your Google login and click the button in the window that appears. Subsequently, enter the name of the Organization and select the checkbox to accept the contract. Click on confirm to validate the modification.

Activate Android Work on google

Click complete registration.

Configuration is finished

Android for Work is properly configured and enabled.

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